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See below: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin | National Cathedral "Moon Rock Window". See also: Science & Spirituality: The Invention of Air

Algae as Oxygen Source for Closed Environment
Science Project As Senior at USAF Academy

I experimented with adding carbon dioxide to air circulating through a tank of algae. I was able to show that the algae could increase the concentration of oxygen. For long-term habitation off of the earth, regeneration of oxygen would be essential. 

My Space Hopes were Deferred

During my USAFA time, Air Force efforts became focused on supporting the "Vietnam Conflict." I volunteered for and successfully participated in summer training assignments with Army Airborne at Fort Benning, and in jungle warfare school in Panama.

I later took Pararescue Field Medicine training and volunteered to accompany flights into SEA, with the pararescue unit there to help recover downed pilots -- request denied, 1970.

I met astronaut Jim Irwin.

Now we are looking at traveling to Mars: My blog "Exploring Mars, Earth, Self: Science & Spirituality and Our Future"  

The Constellation mission. Click to watch video at

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and "Generation Mars" [his site]

New York Daily News Feature

Astronauts/NASA donate Moon Rock to Washington National Cathedral ("A place for people of all faiths and none.")

Me at the National Cathedral | National Cathedral website | My writing on Science & Spirituality

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