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Integrative Homeopathy: Beyond the Rhetoric

working title --

Hybrid or "Half-breed"?: Science and Human Family Dynamics

(Rough Draft: v2. February 25, 2007; for event -- http://www.lightharmonics.com/oiucm/speaker_bios/wilson.htm)

E = mc2. This brief equation has become the turning point for the scientific understanding of Life and Spirit. Humanity will never be the same again because this equation demolishes two opposing mindsets regarding human existence.

First, this equation helped us develop tools that can separate what used to be thought of as all one thing. Life itself must now be seen as being simultaneously Substance and Energy.

Second, this forces us to acknowledge the interactive nature of what used to be called the split between the physical and the unseen/spiritual. Life must now be seen as a dynamic whole.

In the 100-plus years since Dr. Einstein gave us that equation, humanity has been undergoing a gradual transformation. At first that scientific understanding was applied to mathematics and physics. More recently, developments have expanded the application of this dynamic equation to matters of health and health care. All of us in the general public arena now have seen various writings about quantum physics and health. Now society is faced with choices about how to deal with that new reality, a reality that demands that we recognize the reality of a level of existence that we cannot measure with our old techniques.

Dr. Ralph Wilson is a naturopathic physician and homeopath who works with doctors of medicine, dentistry, naturopathy, chiropractic and others in an integrative medicine practice in Washington DC.

In this presentation Dr. Wilson will describe the newly revised landscape of the field of healthcare. He will give landmarks and guideposts that can help us as we navigate our way along what can be called our Journey of Health.

Over 100 years prior to the publishing of Einstein’s equation, Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., discovered the same fact – that Life is simultaneously Substance and Energy. Dr. Hahnemann repeatedly diluted and vibrated solutions of materials of plant, mineral or animal origin and found that when given to patients there were often incredible changes in their health, of both body and mind. He called this phenomenon “homeopathy.” Recently homeopathic medicines (or “remedies”) have been called “Energy Before Matter.” However, in his time science had no terms with which to explain what he had discovered. Over the last 200-plus years there has accumulated an extensive record of individual cases of assessment, treatment and results which points to rules, laws and a hierarchy of life energy that Dr. Hahnemann was describing by the time his work on earth was finished. Both Hahnemann and Einstein can be said to have ushered in “A New Understanding of the Natural World.”

Today, there are many uses of the term “Integrative Medicine.” On the Internet there are increasing numbers of references to “integrative homeopathy.” In honor of Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Wilson declares that the original intent of Dr. Hahnemann is what should be understood when the term “Integrative Homeopathy” is used. “Integrative Homeopathy” is virtually the same as the “Medical Heilkunst” that Dr. Hahnemann was beginning to map out for others to follow.

Careful study of Hahnemann’s original German case notes and of his gradual revisions of his extensive text, Das Organon Der Heilkunst (“The Structure of Health/Wholeness-Making”) reveals a more powerful structure for the practice of health care than that which eventually evolved from the efforts of the converted allopaths who were amazed at the changes they often saw in patients treated with homeopathic remedies. The correct translation of Dr. Hahnemann’s work, and its application to an extensive system of care is what is called “Medical Heilkunst.” This is taught at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and practiced by its graduates and in the growing network of Hahnemann Clinics for Heilkunst (www.Homeopathy.com). The HCH is teaching how to understand “The Map out of the Swamp” of puzzling illness and devitalized health.

Dr. Hahnemann did not practice “homeopathy.” Dr. Hahnemann did practice “Heilkunst.” What he laid out for us is the difficult task of addressing both the physical and the energy aspects of health. The necessity for both is not readily understood by the general public, or by most health care practitioners for that matter. Dr. Wilson will describe why either of the two words is incomplete without the other: “Integrative” and “Homeopathy”.

The use of homeopathic medicines (“remedies”) cannot succeed without addressing other vital aspects of human health. Dr. Wilson will discuss the use of: Therapeutic Nutrition, Detoxification, Structural therapies, exercise, Counseling/Therapeutic Education, lifestyle changes and more. He will also place on our map the landmarks representing western medicine cancer treatments, prescription medicines, vaccinations and more. He will describe the benefits of insights from acumeridian schools of practice (including ancient observations by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan and Ayurvedic practitioners). He will touch upon Electroacupuncture According to Voll, Applied Kinesiology, Autonomic Response Testing, Eye Movement Therapy, “tapping therapies” and affirmations for mental energy modulation, SCENAR, craniosacral therapy, and more. He will introduce the expanded model of the Autonomic Nervous System (e.g., Stephen Porges' Triune ANS: Parasympathetic, Sympathetic and Social nervous systems).

Dr. Wilson will describe Dr. Hahnemann’s western scientific synthesis of ancient observations, his differentiation between the Law of Opposites and the Law of Similars, and for the first time in history a delineation of the Living Power (“Dynamis”) that brings life to the human form and its dual nature of Sustentive and Generative aspects. He will point out that the details of Medical Heilkunst include the same concepts and observations that classical homeopaths know about; however, they are applied within an expanded framework taken from the suppressed case-notes and previously incorrectly translated writings of Dr. Hahnemann. What Dr. Hahnemann gave us is a model for straightforward step-by-step scientific observations of the energies of life and discovery of the workings of the unseen aspects of Life. Of critical importance is the existence of "energy diseases" that attack humans and distort their "bio-computer" functions leading to physical and mental symptoms; Hahnemann started mapping them and called them "Chronic Miasms."

Integrative Homeopathy and Medical Heilkunst are terms that describe an important doorway to health, a shining light to illuminate your next steps toward health improvement, and guideposts to help you along your Journey of Health.

Beyond Rhetoric: Dr. Wilson closes with the invitation for each of us to consider what we hold most dear in our own professional understanding of Life, illness, assessment, treatment and recovery of health. Each of us should be convinced that we are doing the best possible for our patients.

Can you stand your ground, knowing that you are in the center of Truth and Rightness and then still have tolerance for others who also feel the same way about their positions that are not the same as yours?

This is a question that when applied to matters beyond health care is central to the future survival of the human race. It touches upon peace-making. It touches upon co-existence. It includes recognizing our human state of distraction and "mistunement" by many forces. It includes the possibilities of removal of layers and barriers that restrict our ability to live Life straight-on with full responsibility and healthy energies as a Human Family whose real Enemy is the distortive energy diseases that can derange our human bio-computer.

Can we move beyond the rhetoric that supports our own viewpoint and walk into a dynamic future that allows for higher wisdom than our own?

Dr. Ralph Wilson practices in Washington DC at National Integrated Health Associates: www.NIHAdc.com. He is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (www.OncANP.org), and the American Association for Pastoral Counselors (www.AAPC.org).

Resources:  www.Homeopathy.com, and www.IntegrativeHomeopathy.com