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This page introduces the excellent DVD about Dr. Klinghardt.

See also on this site: Autism | Klinghardt Information | Electromagnetic Protection | Pediatrics & Heilkunst Homeopathy

I heard part of Dr. Klinghardt's presentation on Mercury Detoxification and its

extreme importance for mental health, overall health, and in specific Autism.

You can go to the site pictured below and purchase it.

Excerpt of Dr. Klinghardt describing his work.

It is an MP3 file; size: 17 MB

Right-click and Save Target As; or Left-click and play.

This audio file is shared to show why his work is so important.

Please purchase the entire DVD.

Then come and see us at NIHA to make your own

individualized treatment program.


Applying this Information: Please see the Integrative Homeopathy site.

There I describe the services that I and others have for parents whose children have been labeled as being in the autistic spectrum. NIHA has some very effective offerings that are not widely available.

Please remember: The danger of Mercury to health of brain and body is important to all people, whether or not they have been labeled as autistic, brain-stressed or otherwise.

Dr. Klinghardt's techniques have been studied by practitioners at our clinic [NIHA].

We continue to learn from him as we help people deal with such issues as Mercury Toxicity [start with information on dental mercury] and Brain Health [start here].

Here is the link to the page illustrated below: www.DrBruceShelton.com

New DVD Set now available: I am pleased to have permission to give you the option to receive a discount on purchase of his new DVD set, "Fundamental Teachings of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD." When you order, use the Code: DVDRWS. 15% off, or $123.25 plus shipping. [go to site]

These are critical days for the future of health care in our nation and worldwide. His techniques are cost-effective and can be taught at different levels (such as some home care methods that patients might learn, and the more involved teachings that require the "thoughtware" of healthcare professionals). He has authorized me to teach some of his work and for that I am deeply grateful; you can explore my internet site to see how I have integrated his work into the various aspects of my practice. His 5 DVD set is new (I have not received my set yet), and should become an important part of the healthcare library of anyone who is serious about taking control of their own health or about deepening the care that they deliver to their patients.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt will speak in London at a major conference on autism.

[description on his site]