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Environmental Illness / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

[Being updated. 01/01/2015 -- see links below*]


MCS and EI: These are classifications of puzzling conditions that continue to be studied for ways to treat them.. My own understanding of these, through personal experience with MCS, is that the cause of them is multifactorial. Relief from the conditions will come from a coordinated approach using more than one technique. In essence, this entire web site is geared to serving the needs of this group of people. It is what I have struggled with and I still must be constantly vigilant even though I can now conduct full activities of daily living in moderately clean environments.


If you are new to this web site, to Biological Dentistry, to Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine and Collaborative Medicine, I encourage you to carefully learn about those. These will be important in giving you a broad perspective on human health. Many times I have seen puzzling conditions begin to make sense as we begin assessment and treatment. No guarantees can be made as to final outcome. Each person has their own blend of genetic challenges (I consider most of these at worst to be deficiencies or fragilities to be supported), stressors experienced -- see ANS blocking factors, and psycho-emotional stresses of their own and perhaps even through their family tree.


*I'm especially concerned with links to emotional and psychological effects of chemical toxicity. This site has many pages that deal with this directly or indirectly. Please also look at: 

1. Mental Health, Counseling and Personal Wholeness.

2. Applied Psycho-NeuroBiology overview.

3. Family Constellation Work.


Please do not give up hope. Call me and we can look over your situation.

Links and Supportive Information

These are some supportive articles and links to helpful information. This will be expanded.

National Integrated Health Associates worksheet, "Integrative Medical Therapeutics to Detoxification": Click to view PDF.

Mold and Fungus Damage to Homes: California Homeowners Mold Sick Building information.

Gulf War Illness and Toxicity.

North Carolina Chemical Injury Network: Includes resources nationwide.

Washington State Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Network: Much supportive information.

Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association

Poisoned Cosmetics: Not Too Pretty

Fragrance industry research and possible help for EI/MCS individuals.


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