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Charts of Tooth-Organ Acumeridian Relationships

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Various Sources of Information, and Those who Reformatted Others' Work:

>>  Major credit for the Tooth-Organ chart development goes to Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D., and Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND

>>  Dr. Ravins' color version with graphics of organs

>>  Body Acupoint Map showing meridians running through the head

>>  General Acupuncture references

>>  FYI Kubota Zone Acupuncture: Site also recognizes contributions of Voll, Gleditsch, Rau, etc. [ref >>]

>>  FYI Acupuncture Bibliography: Site recognizes Gleditsch and others.

>>  FYI: Fascinating Google search for holographic Microcircuits work of Ralph Alan Dale, Ph.D.

Western Medicine Anatomy and TCM Meridians Associated With Teeth Printable version of this [ PDF]

Teeth With Emotions Related to TCM Organs Printable version of this [PDF] [v. April 2008]