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Great benefits from stimulating acupoints in time with the earth's rhythms.


To purchase your own copy of the Chronoacupuncture software, created by

Dr. Jianxin Huang, Lic. Acup., go to his web site: www.drhuang.biz, or

telephone his office: (800) 829-2126. 


New: Another desktop version of the software is available: [click here to for that site]

Latest software is an iPhone App ($4.99)  [click here to learn more]

Chrono Acupuncture

This application calculates the optimal effectiveness of acupoints.

The concept of energy phases is a system which describes the changes in the constellation of energies at different periods of time. Since the flow of qi and xue through the channels is not constant but is rather of a rhythmic character, certain acupuncture points are more accessible and responsive at certain times and the ability to influence the circulation of energy via these particular acupuncture points is greater at these times.

This application allows you to:
- Calculate the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch of the respective year, month, day and hour (Bazi, the Four Pillars of Chinese astrology)
- Determine the principal acupoint according to the current date/time or any user-defined date/time and location
- Determine the principal acupoint according to the Eight Methods of the Intelligent Turtle (Linggui bafa)
- Determine the principal acupoint according to the so called Selection on Day Time according to the Heavenly Stems (Najia ba)
- Calculate the optimal acupoints with the corrected time (True Local Time), which considers Daylight Savings Time, Longitude and Equation of Time)
- Set your current location with the help of the iPhone built in GPS function (3G only) or set location manually

[Paper published by the German software designer of this app; w/ some English: click here.]



Following is important information about using acupoints to help the body along its healing path. When you use these points (listed in many acupuncture books) they can help the body in its efforts to heal from illness or distress.


The Eight Techniques of Miraculous Turtles

also called: Stem Adopting Techniques for Extra Channels

Chronoacupuncture involves stimulating specific key points in the precisely calculated period of time.


The Technique of the “Miraculous Turtle” is based on the Eight Diagrams, an ancient Chinese medicine understanding involving changes in Yin and Yang, and the theory of the eight extra channels, this technique chooses one of the eight confluential points related to the eight extra channels according to the stems and branches of the day and the time period. This technique embodies the principle of the relevant adaptation of the human body to natural environment, the relative waxing and waning of Yin and Yang, the interpromoting and interacting relationship between the five elements and the pooling and flowing of Qi and blood in the channels.


In their story-telling fashion the ancient Chinese wrote a legend around 2205 B.C., in which a divinely inspired turtle left the river Lo and carried on her back nine numbers laid out as a square. These numbers were in correspondance as the eight trigrams such as used in the I-Ching with the ninth central point arranged in such a way that their sum towards any direction was 15. This number, 15, is the number of days in each of 24 phases of the solar year. The number arrangement of this system had a powerful influence on the many aspects of the Chinese culture. Westerners may be familiar with some of them, such as Feng-Shui, the Bagua, and acupuncture and especially Chronoacupuncture -- the advanced form of its sister-science, acupuncture. Physicians in ancient times were also philosophers. The Chinese sages considered Man and Nature as a complex whole. Modern physicians and scientists recognize that the body’s physiology has what are called “biorhythms” or “circadian rhythms” and undergoes changes in harmony with nature’s cycles. The Day-to-Night cycle is the simplest of all. Science has shown variations over the 24 hours of a day in such aspects of human health as the body temperature, oxygen metabolism, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, hormones to name a few.


This seemingly miraculous formula was kept secret and applied to treat the Imperial family and other elite members of their society. It has been handed down in ancient texts. It is now available to anyone because of the invention of the computer. We are now able to generate lists of the points that are active in the two-hour periods throughout the day. This is believed to invoke the important mechanisms of the human organism's self-regulation and puts the entire human system into its optimum regime.


The Chronoacupuncture practitioners believe that many Chinese medicine approaches to treatment (and this includes acupuncture) are often not completely successful because they do not take into account the chronoacupuncture guidelines. This can be because the practitioners do not know about chronoacupuncture’s great value, or they may not have the complex formula to calculate the time for each two-hour block of time. Because it can be time=intensive, even practitioners who know the value of chronoacupuncture may choose less effective approaches due to difficulty in seeing the patient in their office for treatment at the necessary time.


Professional use of Chronoacupuncture: With chronoacupuncture software, practitioners are able to know which points to add to their decided-upon treatment plan. In addition, they can print out weekly calendars for their clients to take home and use for self-stimulation (with the method chosen by the practitioner) at the correct time of day or night.


Public Access to Chronoacupuncture: It is even possible to train the general public -- who have access to home computers nowadays – to use the Chronoacupuncture software themselves. That way they can locate the correct points for themselves and use these to give a boost to the flow of Chi/Qi in their body. As part of a program that includes lifestyle management (such as Qi gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, stretching, walking or any of a host of methods) as well as appropriate herbs and nutrition, a person can have significant personal control over their own health. This will enhance the treatment given by any practitioner they are also seeing for health care.